DAY 1: Wednesday, September 4th 2024




16:30 - 18:00

Symposium 1

Early Career Physiologists

Chair: Dr. Alberto Sanchez Aguilera-Lopez – University Complutense of Madrid (Spain)




Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Dr. Andreas BreenfeldtAarhus University (Denmark)

Title: The impact of erythropoietic manipulations and blood volume manipulations


Dr. Agustin HidalgoColumbia University (USA)

Title: Guanylate Kinase 1 Deficiency: A Novel and Potentially Treatable Mitochondrial DNA Depletion/Deletions Disease


Dr. Pamela SwiatlowskaImperial College London (UK)

Title: Hypertensive Pressure Mechanosensing Triggers Transdifferentiation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells to Foam Cells

Dr. Alberto Sanchez Aguilera-LopezUniversity Complutense of Madrid (Spain)

Title: Cortical and hippocampal rhythmpathies in experimental models of brain metastasis evaluated with supervised learning tools

Dr. Valentina SicaUniversity Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

Title: Circadian rhythms in muscle stem cells



DAY 2: Thursday, September 5th 2024




9:00 – 9:30


Keynote Lecture 1

Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Prof. Juan IovannaMarseille Cancer Research Center (France)

Title: The cellular stress response as an efficient therapeutic target for treating pancreatic cancer

9:00 – 9:30


Keynote Lecture 2

Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)

Prof. Christian AalkjærAarhus University (Denmark)

Title: Transport of negative ions over cell membranes – a positive story

10:30 - 11:30


Symposium 2

Improving Public Understanding of the Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes

Chair: Mr. Kirk Leech – European Animal Research Association (EARA)




Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Mr. Kirk LeechExecutive Director European Animal Research Association (EARA)

Title: Animal Research: Time to Talk


Dr. Monique Havermans – Coordinator Transparency Agreement on Animal Research (Netherlands)

Title: Transparency in Animal Research in the Netherlands: Achievements and Challenges


Dr. Javier Guillen – Senior Director for Europe & Latin America, AAALAC International (Spain)

Title: The Spanish Transparency Agreement: An Example of Success

10:30 - 11:30


Symposium 3

Regulation of synaptic homeostasis in health and disease.

Chair: Dr. Anna Fassio – University of Genoa (Italy)




Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)

Dr. Mike CousinUniversity of Edinburgh (UK)

Title: Dynamin-1 function in presynaptic physiology and dysfunction in epileptic encephalopathy


Dr. Marta OrlandoCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)

Title: Role of Synapsin in Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Presynaptic Plasticity


Dr. Erica TagliattiIRCCs Humanitas Research Hospital (Italy)

Title: Microglial TREM2 receptor shapes CA1 metabolism and glutamatergic synapses during development


Dr. Anna FassioUniversity of Genoa (Italy)

Title: The epilepsy gene TBC1D24 regulates intracellular pH homeostasis in neurons ad synapse

10:30 - 11:30


Symposium 4

Are we programmed for cardiometabolic disease?

Chairs: Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri – University of Cambridge (UK); Dr Silvia Arribas – Autonomous University of Madrid  (Spain)




Room 3 (Medicine hall)

Dr. Emilio A. HerreraUniversity of Chile (Chile)

Title: Deciphering the gasotransmitters´ function on the cardiovascular programming induced by intrauterine chronic hypoxia


Dr. Carmen DinizUniversity of Porto (Portugal)

Title: Nuclear angiotensin receptors and the fetal programming of hypertension


Dr. Jonas ZauggUniversity of Cambridge (UK)

Title: Effect of parental obesity on placental nutrient transport in relation to fetal developmental outcomes


Dr. David Ramiro-CortijoAutonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

Title: Breastmilk bioactive components to counteract fetal programming

12:00 – 13:30


Opening Ceremony

Plenary Lecture 

Room 1 (Paraninfo)


Prof. Rodrigo Quian QuirogaHospital del Mar Research Institute (Spain)

Title: A unique coding of memories in the human hippocampus

17:15 - 18:30


Symposium 5

Physiology education in health sciences

SPFis - the Portuguese Society of Physiology

Chair: Prof Vicente Martinez Perea - Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)




Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Dr. Erica WehrweinMichigan State University (USA)

Title: Current trends to improve physiology teaching and learning in the USA (ONLINE lecture)


Dr. Jorge Ascenção OliveiraSPFis, University of Porto (Portugal)

Title: Integrating Metacognition in Physiology Education


Dr. Joaquin Garcia-EstañUniversity of Murcia (Spain)

Title: Physiology Medical Education in Health Sciences


Dr. Luis Monteiro RodriguesSPFis, University Lusofona (Portugal)

Title: Current state of Physiology (teaching and research) in the post-Bologna Europe – the case study of Portugal


Dr. Abdullateef I. AlagbonsiUniversity of Rwanda (Rwanda)

Title: The Physiology Curriculum for African Universities (PhysioCAFUN): a huge step to strengthen Physiology Education in Africa

17:15 - 18:30


Symposium 6

Orai calcium channels: regulation and function

Chair: Dr. Tarik Smani – Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (Spain)




Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)

Dr. Rainer SchindlMedical University of Graz (Austria)

Title: Activation mechanism of store-operated calcium channels: a computer simulation and live cell approach


Dr. Juan A. RosadoUniversity of Extremadura (Spain)

Title: Modulation of the protein content of Orai1α and Orai1β by STIM


Dr. Isabel Galeano-OteroUniversity of Bordeaux (France)

Title: Sulconazole prevents T-cell exhaustion and promotes cancer cell malignant phenotype repression by attenuation of NF-κB and calcium signaling


Dr. Debora FalconUniversity of Seville (Spain)

Title: Role of Ca2+-sensitive adenylyl cyclase 8 in the overexpression of Orai1 after myocardial infarction

17:15 - 18:30


Symposium 7

Understanding the Physiology of the Blood-Brain Barrier: from Molecular Mechanisms to Modulation Strategies

Chairs: Dr. Luca Maragliano – Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy); Dr. Valentina Castagnola – Italian Institute of Tecnology  (Italy)




 Room 3 (Medicine hall)

Dr. Jörg PiontekCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)

Title: Comparison of TJ strands architecture in epithelia and BBB endothelium


Dr. Luca MaraglianoPolytechnic University of Marche (Italy)

Title: Enhancing the BBB permeability using structure-based peptide design


Dr. Valentina CastagnolaItalian Institute of Technology (Italy)

Title: Paracellular and transcellular approaches to overcome the BBB


Dr. Joe ForthUniversity of Liverpool (UK)

Title: Using the Granular Jamming Transition to 3D-Print a Blood-Brain Barrier-on-a-Chip


DAY 3 Friday, September 6th 2024




9:00 – 10:30


Symposium 8

Muscle mitochondria: Beyond ATP production

Chair: Prof. Jesus R Huertas – University of Granada (Spain); Dr. Rafael A Casuso – University of Loyola (Spain)




Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Dr. Rafael A CasusoUniversity Loyola (Spain)

Title: Electron transport chain dynamics during exercise.


Dr. Laura FormentiniAutonomous University of Madrid, Centre for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa (CBM, CSIC-UAM) (Spain)

Title: Skeletal muscle OXPHOS system in health and disease


Dr. Sara CogliatiAutonomous University of Madrid, Centre for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa (CBM, CSIC-UAM) (Spain)

Title: Sex differences in mitochondrial functions


Dr. Carsten LundbyUniversity of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

Title: Skeletal muscle mitochondria in extreme environments

9:00 – 10:30


Symposium 9

Integrative learning: factors and approaches for improved academic performance.

Chair: Dr. Beatriz Gal – University San Pablo CEU (Spain)


Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)

Dr. Cayetana Ruiz ZaldibarUniversity Camilo José Cela (Spain)

Title: Relationship between sleep quality in nursing students and their academic performance: results of a randomized controlled trial


Prof. Dr. Cheng Hwee MingUniversity of Malaya (Malaysia)

Title: Question-based learning in Physiology teaching


Dr. Isabel Sánchez-VeraUniversity San Pablo CEU (Spain)

Title: Enhancing medical education through competency-based learning


Dra. Marta Lesmes CelorrioEuropean University of Madrid (Spain)

Title: Applying knowledge in context: role of integrated laboratory classes on learning physiology

10:30 - 11:30


Keynote Lecture 3

Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Dr. Elena OstoMedical University of Graz (Austria)

Title: Vascular function in cardiometabolic disorders

10:30 - 11:30


Keynote Lecture 4

Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)


Dr. Borja Martinez Téllez – University of Almeria (Spain)

Title: Deciphering the Molecular and Secretory Functions of a Novel and Unique Brown Adipose Tissue Depot in Women

10:30 - 11:30


Industry-sponsored lecture

Room 2 (Medicine hall)

Dr. Juan Ignacio Cacho AparicioHealth Tech BioActives (Spain)

Title: Effects of 2S-Hesperidin on physical performance

15:00 - 16:30


Symposium 10

New in silico and in vitro approach methodologies for designing physiologically relevant models of human tissues.

Chairs: Prof Arti Ahluwalia – University of Pisa (Italy); Dr Elena Grasselli – University of Genoa (Italy)




Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Prof. Arti AhluwaliaUniversity of Pisa (Italy)

Title: Lab on a Laptop


Dr. Jan MarkusMatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories (Slovakia)

Title: Studying drug kinetics and GIT inflammation using 3D tissue models of small intestine and colon


Dr. Laureano E. Carpio – ProtoQSAR SL (Spain)

Title: Quantitative structure-activity relationships in pharmacokinetics: predicting human tissue permeability for drug optimization


Dr. Giulia De Negri AtanasioUniversity of Genoa (Italy)

Title: The endocrine disruptor and their impact on human physiology

15:00 - 16:30


Symposium 11

Extracellular matrix in health and disease.

Chair: Prof. Eva Sykova – Institute of Neuroimmunology, Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava (Slovakia)





Room 2 (Medicine assembly hall)

Prof. Eva SykovaInstitute of Neuroimmunology, Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava (Slovakia)

Title: Astrocytes and extracellular matrix in extrasynaptic transmission and neuroplasticity


Prof. Dr. Juan NacherUniversity of Valencia (Spain)

Title: Dysregulation of ECM in psychiatric disorders: Impact on the connectivity of inhibitory networks


Dr. Federico N. SoriaAchucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (Spain)

Title: The structure and distribution of the extracellular matrix affect the movement and migration of brain cells


Dr. Carla CangalayaGerman Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (Germany)

Title: Integrity of neural extracellular matrix is required for microglia-mediated synaptic remodeling

15:00 - 16:30


Symposium 12

Environmental Factors in the Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Diseases

Chairs: Prof. Devendra K. Agrawal – Western  University of Health Sciences (California, USA); Prof. Dragan M. Djuric – University of Belgrade (Serbia)





Room 3 (Medicine hall)

Prof. Devendra K. AgrawalWestern University of Health Sciences (California, USA)

Title: Pathophysiological effects of the environmental factors and treatment strategies in cardiovascular diseases


Prof. Dragan M. DjuricUniversity of Belgrade (Serbia)

Title: Homocysteine: a potential biomarker of environmental health risk and links to cardiovascular pathogenesis


Prof. Ildiko Bock-MarquetteUniversity of Pecs (Hungary)

Title: Novel approaches in reversing environmental stress initiated pathological processes to accelerate organ repair - the power of small molecules


Dr. Zorislava BajićUniversity of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Title: Isoprenaline model as stress induced myocardial injury

17:00 - 18:30


Closing Ceremony

Plenary Lecture 

Room 1 (Paraninfo)

Prof. Ernest ArenasKarolinska Institute (Sweden)

Title: Unravelling the molecular diversity of human midbrain dopaminergic neuro