Specific Instructions for Poster Presenters

  • Each poster board is 100 cm wide x 190 cm high. Plan your poster to fit this space, so recommended size is 80 cm wide x 110 cm high. Double-sided tape will be provided to mount the poster.
  • Please make sure that the font size is large enough to allow reading comfortably from distances of 1.5 meters.
  • The title of the poster has to match the title of the abstract that was accepted.
  • A matte finish on photographic reproductions provides a better visibility due to reduction of glare from lights.
  • You can download the Powerpoint Template for Poster


Poster Guidelines

  • Communications have been organised into Topics.
    Each communication has been assigned the next code: TXX-YY-ZZ.
    • TXX: corresponding to the Topic (T01 to T13)
    • YY: corresponding to the number of each communication within a Topic
    • ZZ: corresponding to the number of the panel in which the poster will be mounted
  • All posters will be displayed in the Main Hall (Level 0) or the Poster Hall (Second level) located within the Paraninfo
  • Posters should be mounted according to the schedule below:
Topics Presentation Date Poster Mounting Date/Time Poster Removal Date/Time
- - - -
- - - -
  • Presenting authors with even numbers should stand at their poster from ____ to ____ h.
  • Presenting authors with odd numbers should stand at their poster from ____ to ____ h.